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On Real World Pest Control

“You go up against Mother Nature, you’re gonna get served.”

Moving out here has tempered my opinion a bit. I still think Mother Nature will get her due, but doing battle to make her earn it is something I now consider worth the effort.

We’re not talking about building a coastal city below sea level, diverting rivers to keep it dry, and then complaining when it floods, that’s still insanely stupid. What we’re addressing here is wildlife, and keeping it from destroying your hard work.

This is my nemesis. He has sampled the fruits (literally) of my labor and found that it is good. Now I don’t mind the occasional berry or flower being stolen by birds, but this guy will eat his way through a garden in no time flat. What’s worse, he’s content with eating almost-ripe fruit, so he goes after his share several days before I’m willing to pick it for myself.

Commercial deterrents didn’t work, so we put up a fence – it seems to have stopped the rabbits, but not Mr. G. I’ve now dumped broken cement pieces/gravel/shattered bricks along the fence’s bottom edge, and down a few inches as well. He hasn’t been back for the past three days. If this works, then he’s more than welcome to continue his existence. If it doesn’t, well nobody out here would shed a tear if he dug his last burrow.

Written by Peter

June 23, 2011 at 1609

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