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Change, it is a comin’ … maybe

So excepting our “back garden” which is currently where we’re letting the squash roam free, we currently allotted 252 total square feet to our garden. After we subtract the non-plantable parts of that (the space between the raised beds and the border) we’re left with 112 square feet of actual vegetable space. While it seems like a lot, it’s really not all that much considering how much space some of these plants take up.

Now, first of all, I actually have no desire to turn our entire yard into vegetable garden, despite what you may have heard. I do however recognize that we do not use our yard to anything approaching its potential, and we do in fact milk our garden for all it’s worth. Which means that we should be expanding the garden to it’s fullest potential without encroaching on the sections of the yard we actually use!

With this in mind, and since I’ve already expressed an interest in reorganizing our garden’s layout, today I watched the sun and did some measurements with an eye towards seeing exactly what we have available to us.

I came up with an L-shaped design, which incorporates our current garden and expands on it, while only appropriating completely unused portions of the yard. It also does not cut off access to any portion of the yard, and even leaves room for more growth in the future. In total it’s 600 square feet, which if we use the same percentage as before (and I think we can do much better now that we have experience), would give us over 260 square feet of actual planting area.

Stay tuned.


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June 26, 2011 at 1436

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