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And so it goes

I just discovered that Wikipedia has an entry with a list of companion plants. I also discovered my first run-in with the inaccuracies that some people claim are so prolific on the site.

Beans and tomatoes companion plant so well together that tomato cages are often used as trellises for the beans. Unfortunately, no one using Wikipedia’s guide is going to know this, because they list them as a pairing to avoid.

This is, however, an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how I personally use the site when researching a topic. Several of the sites listed as references for this entry are going in my bookmarks for future reference. And now I have a library of reliable references. Thanks Wikipedia!

It’s worth noting that the links I saved do not list the tomato/bean pairing at all, either positively or negatively. Neither does “Carrots love Tomatoes” my goto companion planting reference book. However the Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends planting them together, and that’s good enough for me.


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June 30, 2011 at 1436

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