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Wednesday’s Child

Most days I try to organize our plans around Emma‘s work schedule, getting the most done while she’s out, and making sure Gabriells is in as good a mood as possible: fed, rested, etc.

On Wednesdays, however, she works her 14-hour shift, which means even more daddy-daughter time than usual, and no specific timing for just about anything. This makes Wednesdays the best days to try new things, because no matter how long they may take (or how big of a mess we end up making) there’s always enough time to finish/fix it all by the time mommy gets home. I particularly like Wednesday dinners, because I can experiment, and Gabriella will happily be my guinea pig for new and not always inside the box recipe ideas.

I should probably explain. You see I’m no master chef, but I can cook just fine… when it’s just for myself. I know my tastes, I don’t have a problem with repetition, and I hardly ever bother “balancing” a meal when it’s just for me. Unfortunately, my wife is someone who enjoys tasty, healthy, well-balanced meals with very little repetition. So my normal “variations-on-a-theme” style cooking, (read: “rice with X”) is tolerated, but not appreciated. This is where Wednesdays come in. The thing is, thankfully Gabriella is a bit like the Sarlacc when it comes to food. Which means as long as I don’t really screw it up, she’ll at least get fed, even if that particular recipe never again sees the inside of a frying pan.

Another particularly nice thing about cooking for 1½ is that even by this early in the season, there’s almost always enough ripe in the garden to eat 100% home grown healthiness.

Tonight our experimental course was shredded kohlrabi sauteed in butter with Parmesan cheese, black pepper, and fresh parsley, and I actually think we’ve got a keeper. To be fair, it’s from a book, not a main course, and terribly simple, but personally I’m still glad to have added one more recipe to my culinary arsenal.

I also made (for myself) some iced coffee. Now I didn’t think I liked iced coffee, but I may be coming around. You see, I do think coffee is a very personal thing; my coffee isn’t your coffee, and so on. Perhaps up til now I hadn’t had “my” iced coffee. Now, the other day Emma made The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee and stuck it in the fridge. Since the hard part was done, I figured I should give it a shot. I had to play with it, but boy did I find what I was looking for! On the left you have the well-established jagged stalactite pattern of milk coursing through the glass over hunks of ice. With this drink, each sip is slightly different. On the right you have a homogenous concoction with delicious foam to boot! Now I’m not saying my way is better, as a matter of fact I’m sure some people would expressly dislike it as the original recipe was created to counter the fact that ice melting in the coffee was considered ruination of the drink. Therefore using a shaker and annihilating about 50% of the ice is probably considered downright blasphemous to some. But as I said earlier, coffee is a personal thing. And mine is personally superior to yours. 🙂


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July 6, 2011 at 2200

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  1. Wow! What a picture!!! Was that a CHEESE response? And the coffee looks great! Personally I prefer iced coffee to the regular.



    July 7, 2011 at 741

  2. Just showed this to Anna and she said that Gabriella looks like a sort of cabbage patch kid coming out of the patch possessed! I think she got it right!!



    July 7, 2011 at 902

  3. That picture reminds me of some kind of twisted Anne Geddes photo.


    July 23, 2011 at 1359

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