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Weekly Updates?

No no no, this was not the plan. Week old updates are the forte of other amateur bloggers… or are they? Regardless, a week has passed since my last update, and things happened over the course of that week, so here we go:

As you may know, a certain movie franchise came to its close on Friday of last week. Being married to a devoted fan, and having seen all of the previous sixseven films on opening day, I was convinced it was not unreasonable to drive ~120miles round trip to drop off Gabriella with my parents, go to the movie, and come home, knowing we were already scheduled to go to my parents’ place on Monday. Emma was not so convinced. After pointing out the absurdity of that plan, we rescheduled both visits for Saturday, and everyone was happy.
The reason we/I were already going to my parents’ place on Monday was because they needed help moving their gas drier, and the gas line to go with it. The quote they got from a plumber was >600 bucks, which we felt was absurd considering it needed to move about 10 feet in a straight line. Now, as Emma mentioned in an earlier post, they have no qualms about helping with physical labor with “no reward but sincere thanks”, which is pretty much how I feel about family too, so it was really a no-brainer – we had to go in for the day. As with most home improvement/repair projects I’ve been a part of, it took more time and effort than initially anticipated, (my dad’s newly replaced and not-yet-fully-healed shoulder limited him considerably more than he would have liked) but was gratifying and inexpensive compared to a pro job.

While I was working in the basement, Emma and Gabriella visited with Jen, and they shared some delicious imaginary tea, cupcakes, and soup. (Gabriella really likes making soup.) After we were done not blowing up my parents’ house, Emma Jen and I went out for coffee at grooveground. I ordered my usual single shot espresso, and while it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, it was certainly far from the worst.

After a quick dinner we went to the movie. I thought it was pretty good, and the audience was better than I expected, which was a plus.

Although the initial plan was to come home after the movie we were pretty exhausted and ended up staying with my parents overnight and coming home Sunday.

I had intended to bring us all the way up to date and cover the garden, our induction into the 20th century, my trip to see The Union vs Everton, and more, but Gabriella wants to feed mt imaginary cookies with a spoon, so I should probably go figure that out.

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July 22, 2011 at 1624

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  1. I cannot possibly thank you enough. Having a dryer next to a washer is darn convenient. Better than hauling it half a room away! And getting the pleasure of your little family’s company, Gabriella in the staring role, was great!!

    However, speaking of Emma’s kind words on labor freely given. I cannot thank you enough for your constant computer help, especially BUILDING our wonderful new one! You are too much!


    July 24, 2011 at 752

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