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P&S ~= PoS?

I keep toying with the idea of making a coffee table book composed solely of photos from our garden. There’s certainly enough material, but there’s one huge roadblock – our camera.

I put a lot of thought and research into the purchase of our camera, and I like it. For most things, it’s more than good enough. But it suffers from a fault that’s common to all “point and shoot” models, lack of manual focus. The automatic focus is great for faces, framed shots, and plenty of other day to day stuff, but when it comes to shooting one specific spot in a frame with lots of varying depths, but not much variation in color, it’s crap. I know that sounds like a complex and infrequent occurence, but it’s really not. When I want to snap a shot of a single flower or pepper in amongst other flowers and peppers, I’m pretty much SOL.

I’ve simply taken to framing a larger area, snapping a half-dozen shots, and cropping the image to what I want once I find one that has my desired object in focus. This accomplishes what I want, but it is terribly annoying.

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August 6, 2011 at 1107

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