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I guess some days she goes hungry.

Macbeth called sleep the ‘chief nourisher in life’s feast’. So why is it so damn hard to get our daughter to take a nap?

From about one o’clock through until I give up (usually 2:30 / 3) our house is absolutely insane. No matter how tired she may actually be, Gabriella will not simply lay her head down and sleep. No, she needs to kick and scream, or even worse – play nicely with Josie (her doll) and watch the cars go by outside her window.

You may think I’m unreasonable for not being content with the playing nicely, and in theory I’d agree with you. An hour or two of “quiet time” in her crib should suffice in place of an actual nap as far as routine is concerned. The problem is that when she actually does play quietly and then gets back up for the rest of the day, all hell breaks loose at around six. Suddenly I’m parent to a monster. And not a nice, furry Monster like Elmo or Grover or Cookie or Herry. She’s a very BIG, SCARY, HUNGRY MONSTER with sharp teeth and claws and an ATTITUDE. Thanks Jon

Therefore, I do battle each day in order to get her to sleep. Most days I ultimately win. Some days, well some days when I go upstairs I’m presented with this.

On days like that, “quiet time” is a more than acceptable compromise.


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August 12, 2011 at 1525

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  1. A future gymnast I see!


    August 12, 2011 at 1934

    • You should see her style for handling the balance beam in the park. It’s quite unique.


      August 12, 2011 at 2052

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