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A Project!

We were shopping the other day, and unexpectedly came home with this:

55 gallons of potential

That’s right folks, we’re making a rain barrel!

Or at least we’re going to, once I get the parts I need.


Written by Peter

August 9, 2011 at 2104

The memory of a child…

Or, Why you shouldn’t make promises you don’t intend (or want) to keep.

The other day Gabriella and I went hiking in Wolf’s Hollow County Park, just a short ride from home.
We were given a Trail Tech backpack that has proven invaluable for this kind of thing, and because of that we’ve gone several times since the weather’s gotten warmer. I like getting some outdoor exercise, she likes to run around in fields, and let’s face it, I like being able to have her get all worn out!

Until this last trip, we had a fairly regular routine. Basically we load up, walk the shortest trail, stopping roughly halfway to eat our lunch/snack at a clearing by a stream, finish the trail, and then she gets to run around while I take a breather because I just carried a wiggly, noisy halfling 1.4 miles over all sorts of terrain. It’s a good routine because it works.
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Written by Peter

June 28, 2011 at 2149