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Just a Quick Garden Update

With all the beer nonsense going on lately, you may have thought that our garden was getting the short end of the stick. You’d be wrong.

It’s just that after the seeds have been planted, there’s very little to do for a few weeks.

Well a few weeks have passed, and now there’s work to be done again. Believe it or not, pretty much everything we grow should be started by now, and our peas, carrots, and spinach should already be in the ground. (Don’t believe me?) There are a few things that I deliberately do “wrong”, and starting the squash indoors early is one of them. I start my squash when I start my tomatoes and peppers, so that they’re bigger when we transplant them and give away the extras come mother’s day. Unfortunately, that means that from late February through the middle of May, traditionally the end of the coldest part of our year, I’m trying to find space for over a hundred seedlings. Fun!

The other day I transplanted the squash out of their single thirty six cell flat, and into individual 4″ pots. Through careful selection, and judicious root separating, I went from twenty eight cells with viable seedlings, to forty one pots with seedlings that have room to grow. Considering it would be difficult for us too realistically fit any more than ten plants in the space we have allotted for squash, it looks like I’ll be giving away a lot.

Tomatoes and peppers grow MUCH slower than squash, which is why they’re actually supposed to be started so early. as a result, that seventy two cell flat that’s holding them will do for quite a while.


Written by Peter

March 19, 2012 at 1611

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imgurdl 1.0

Partially working crap is fine for home use, but serving it up for public consumption bugged me.

if [ -z "$2" ]
echo "Usage: imgurdl (album address) (savedir)"
rawlist=$(curl -s $albumaddy | awk 'BEGIN {RS = ","} /\"hash\":"/ {print substr($0,RSTART+10,5)}')
touch ~/cookie.txt
wget --cookies=on --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies=~/cookie.txt $albumaddy
echo "$rawlist"
alist=( $(echo $rawlist) )
echo "alist1 = ${alist[1]}"
echo "alist5 = ${alist[5]}"
#5 to 9
echo " Number of files to download is $(( ${#alist[@]} ))"
echo " Continue?"
read dl
case "$dl" in
cd $2
for i in $($SEQ 0 $((${#alist[@]} - 1)))
#echo "alist $i = "${alist[$i]}
echo "Remote filename = "${alist[$i]}".jpg"
echo "Local filename = "$i"."${alist[$i]}".jpg"
# echo ${newlist[$i]}
wget --referer=$albumaddy --cookies=on --load-cookies=~/cookie.txt --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies=cookie.txt -r --tries=10 -q --limit-rate=968k -w 3 --random-wait -nd -U "Firefox" http://i.imgur.com/"${alist[$i]}".jpg -P $2 -O $i.${alist[$i]}.jpg
# len=${#alist[$i]}
#working newlist[$i]=${alist[$i]:4:(${#alist[$i]}-6)}
# {newlist[$i]}=$(${alist[$i]:5:(${#alist[$i]}-2)})
#echo "newlist $i = "${newlist[$i]}



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December 28, 2011 at 1714

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Update, Update, Update

So me calling myself a geek and all, I should probably mention that Firefox 5.0 is out now. Thanks to Mozilla‘s new numbering scheme, this is not at all like the 3.x to 4 update which was basically a complete rebuild. There are pretty much no immediately visible UI changes, so go update already!

Written by Peter

June 23, 2011 at 1455

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